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Who can benefit from having a haircut with a certified curly stylist?

Anyone with curly or wavy hair.


How should I prepare for my curly cut?

Please come to the salon with your hair dry, detangled and with the curls defined. We need to see your hair in its natural state -- Therefore, no ponytails, clips, headbands or hats.


How long will it take?

It will take approximately 1 to 11/2 hours for your hair to be cut, cleansed and conditioned. We recommend that you sit under our hood dryer until your hair is dry.


What if I sometimes straighten my hair?

No problem. Your hair will still be cut dry. However, care will be taken to check the style when wet to make sure your style will work for both curly and straight styles.


What do I need to know about home care for my hair?

For optimal defrizzing curly girls need to commit to treating their tresses with TLC, including cutting back on too-frequent shampooing. Your stylist will recommend the proper products for your hair type.