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Cut - $40 and up

Includes a consultation, shampoo and customized hair design.


Cut With Finish - $60 and up

The perfect blow-out to complement your cut. Finish with flat iron or curling iron if desired.


Partial High Or Lowlights - $60 and up

Foils are placed at the hairline, on top of the head and beneath the crown.


High Or Lowlights - $85 and up

Creates brightness, contrast and/or dimension. Foil application beneath occipital bone.


Color - $60 and up

Root touch-up and color refresh on ends as needed.


Makeup Application - $75 and up

Full makeup application including airbrush foundation. We use only the best - Mac, Urban Decay, Glow Mineral and Smashbox.


One On One Makeup Tutorial - $75 and up

One and a half hours of personalized instruction. Bring in your own makeup to be reviewed. Step by step instruction, customized for you.


Smoothing Treatment - $150 and up

Designed to remove 85% to 90% of frizz. Can be used on both hair that is to be worn straight or curly. Lasts for two to three months.


Mens Cut - $35 and up

Includes a consultation, shampoo and styling.


By Appointment Only



Three year winner of Bride's Choice award. Debbie's makeup has appeared on runway, TV, video and print.


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One of my most favorite things in the entire world is teaching people how to use and apply makeup. I love giving my clients little tips and they really appreciate it.

I am deeply passionate about helping men and women with scars, burns, birthmarks, skin discoloration and deformities. Medical makeup can conceal, create an illusion or hide bruising and redness when applied correctly with the right products. Nowadays, there are many medical makeup brands that offer the right pigment and coverage necessary to deliver amazing results. I also enjoy helping those who are experiencing physical changes as a result of chemotherapy and gender transitioning.

- Debbie Watson

Debbie Watson Makeup

Debbie Watson has been my hairstylist for over 20 years. I moved to Atlanta 3 years ago and still travel to St. Louis for my hair appointments. I have curly hair and nobody can cut my hair like Debbie!"

DEVA Style Cutting Technique

The Deva cutting technique for curly hair was created by Lorraine Massey author of CURLY GIRL HANDBOOK and co-owner of the prestigious Devaschon Salon in NYC. The hair is cut in its natural form while dry. This technique allows the stylist to design the style, cutting free-style, sculpting the curls in such a way that allows them to fit together like pieces of a puzzle. In addition, dry cutting completely eliminates the possibility of cutting hair too short. There is no shrink factor to consider as there is with wet hair.


The haircut is the basis for a hair style.

It's not only the cut but also the styling that defines the look. Something as simple as changing the part line or experimenting with some new products can make all the difference, really updating and refreshing a man's appearance.